Ben is a seeker of sacred stories and a collector of universal metaphors, utilizing modern day parables as a vehicle to project a unifying message of Peace.

Born and raised in the inner-city of Milwaukee’s midtown neighborhood, Ben is a product of the public school system and alumni of the Boys & Girls Club. He graduated as the valedictorian of his high school class and received a full academic scholarship to study business, but decided to drop-out of university to pursue his first artistic adventure of being a barber.

In 2011 after the unexpected passing of his father and urging of his mentor famed pop artist Bob Indiana, Ben founded the MECCA Floor Project, which has been featured in an ESPN 30 for 30 short film as well as New York Times and Fast Company articles for his work in rewiring the Myth of MECCA back into the collective conscious. 

He is now the Chief Navigator of United Species and intently dedicated to sharing his newest (in)Venture, Sound Experience Theatrix : The Art of Peace. Harnessing the power of 360° spatial audio and video mapping technology, he has begun to set a course for the future of immersive storytelling as a form of Healing Art.

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